Different Types of Mobile Marketing

There are now nearly 3 billion smartphones in use around the world today, which makes mobile marketing a very viable way to reach a potentially unlimited number of consumers. There are many different types of mobile marketing techniques you can use but text or SMS marketing – is the most common type used.

With SMS marketing, you send out a short message to potential customers on their mobile phones using a short code. You can entice people to buy your products by offering them a percentage off their final purchase price using this method. This type of marketing on mobile phones is very effective as 90% of all text messages are actually read by smartphone users.

Another popular type of mobile marketing many businesses are using these days is banner mobile marketing. This is simply the process of using a standard banner ad that is customized to fit on mobile phones. The message, usually a promotion, is displayed on the banner.

Location-based marketing makes use of GPS technology to locate smartphone users according to their location. Advertisements and other business-related info is then sent to their handsets with the hopes of them responding by purchasing something. Through this method consumers may receive sale information and coupons for their favorite stores while they are in the stores shopping.

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