Email Marketing Now vs. Then

Email marketing has been with us for a very long time now and over the years, the best practices and techniques have evolved somewhat. In the past, companies used to buy lists of validated email addresses and then send mass emails out to all of the addresses on the lists. This practice, while still used by some companies, has proven to not be the most effective way to use email marketing.

For starters untargeted bulk email was pretty much the birth of spam. Today spam accounts for most of all email traffic across the globe. Researchers estimate that between 90% to 97% of all email messages are spam. That means literally billions of emails that are essentially junk which results in a colossal waste of time for users to sift through their email for legitimate messages and a booming industry of anti-spam companies, technologies and proposed legislation for dealing with it.

In today’s online advertising world, far more focused email marketing has proven to be more effective. Smart businesses (or the advertising companies their use) know that their customers and potential customers respond much better to email messages that are geared specifically to the consumer’s interests and they should always include an option to opt-out if they decide not to receive future emails.

Targeted mail campaigns are the way to go to avoid having your mail tagged as spam. With the growth of the mobile device market and social networking it is easier than ever to get customers to sign up to receive your email marketing messages.

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