Google Analytics Upgraded

Last week the team from Google unveiled a new version of the company’s popular Analytics in California. The new version is not yet available to the general public although a few users were given access so that it could be tested.

Google has a signup page available to anyone who wishes to try the new Analytics in its beta form. The main reason for the upgrade was to make it faster and easier to use and so that people could receive their data quicker with the new functions that are available.

Website traffic reporting will not change with the new version, but there is an entirely new look and feel of Analytics that long-time users will definitely notice right off the bat. There is a nice dashboard included, new links for gaining special reports and new names put on reports.

It is not known yet when the new Analytics will be made public but regular users are in general agreement that a new version is welcomed. Analytics is one of Google’s most used free tools as webmasters of all types tap into it to see how their websites are faring on a regular basis.

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