How to Create a Cognitive Itch for Your Business

Have you ever heard a song or saying that you just couldn’t get out of your head? Well scientists in many countries have been studying the phenomena for years and the phrase that typically refers to this situation is ‘cognitive itch’. Some people also refer to it as and earworm. In consumer psychology it is a marketing imperative to create these cognitive itches for the purpose of advertising and promotion.

The reason for that this happens is largely due to the repetitive nature of the song or message. In the world of online advertising, businesses have several ways of creating cognitive itches in the minds of consumers.

Some of the vehicles available for inducing this behavioral affect include keyword placement and visibility, music and video marketing on a company website. Same thing is true for banner ads, email advertising and other commonly used onine marketing methods.

While this is not always an exact science when it comes to getting results, there is no question that the more exposure your business gets, the more people will remember your brand and your products.

Everyone knows that consumers and businesses can’t patronize your company if they cannot find it, so you need to take the steps necessary to ensure the future success of your business by implementing and maintaining you online advertising campaigns.

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