IP’s and SEO

Many SEO professionals understand the importance of link back counts, but did you know spreading your link back counts over several IP ranges is something you also should consider. When it comes to link backs, many SEO experts theorize that Google and other search engines not only look at the age of link back, it’s weight, relevance, pr, but also it’s IP range.

If you are providing link backs to your website from other websites you own and have all the hosting accounts for the domains under one host server, or one VPS or dedicated server, you might want to contact your host company and ask for unique IP addresses for each domain so that they are not easily identifiable by the search engines as all in one IP range. If your hosting company won’t provide this for you (some do, some don’t) you can consider opening several different hosting accounts with different providers. Be sure these providers are using servers in different data centers across the country to get the best benefits.

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