Mobile Media Marketing the Smart Way

You should not just start a mobile marketing campaign because it’s trending and appears to be what everyone else is doing. You should first devise a strategy for having an effective mobile marketing campaign. The fact that businesses are actively buying and selling mobile device users contact information and just blasting ads to them is very reminiscent of how email marketing got out of control and resulted in millions of dollars and man-hours that have to be set aside to deal with SPAM.

Hopefully, this will not become the case with mobile media marketing, specifically when using SMS and MMS marketing techniques. The fact that users have the option (or should) of opting out of receiving notifications from retailers will help keep the things copacetic. The other excellent reason mobile media marketing will not become SPAM-like is the fact that most businesses and consumers will need to sign up or register to receive information about sales and promotions.

Mobile PPC advertisements are also on the rise and can provide you with the same breadth of information and detail you get from your other PPC analytics. Using mobile PPC wil also help you target your markets better. the more you know about your customers, the better you will be able to serve them and the more likely they will be to be repeat customers.

Other aspects of a successful mobile media marketing campaigns should definitely be considered in your strategies. Having an alternate, mobile-friendly website optimized for viewing on portable devices with smaller displays is very important. Mobile device users do not want to spent their time scrolling all around your standard-sized website to find what they were looking for. Effective QR Code placement is also a good idea. QR Codes with your business information, promotional and sales materials should be on everything you brand including sales brochures, business cards, company letterhead, email signatures as well as on other advertising mediums like bulletin boards, banner ads, posters and coupons.

Proximity-based capabilities should also be used when applicable. Typically retailers with brick and mortar establishments can take better advantage of this technology. online retailers and product manufacturers can also let their loyal customers know where to find their products and how to get great savings on them by partnering with retail outlets.

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