Redirecting Visitors to Your Mobile Website Is Easy

A great way to make your website accessible to the increasing number of users that use their mobile device to browse the internet is to have a mobile-friendly website. Two of the most user-friendly and frequently accessed websites on the web are Twitter and Facebook and each has a mobile version of their site.

That is really good news for companies interested in going mobile with their websites because it means that people can simply right-click on a link in Twitter for example, and be taken to a mobile version of your website.

The easiest way to go mobile is to set up redirects for your website. In this case, a redirect occurs whenever a site visitor is detected as being on a mobile device, it goes directly to the mobile version of your website. This will increase the ability of the mobile device users to navigate your site.

Once you have redirected mobile users to the mobile version of your site, be sure to re-write a short version of your main content. Think of it as a Twitter tweet by focusing on the main points and removing the filler words. Remember that you only have a few short seconds to grab the user’s attention so get to the point and make it compelling.
Once you get into the habit of ‘thinking mobile’ it should become easier and easier for you to make your website mobile-ready.

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