Resources for Keyword Research

You have got to know what keywords people are using if you want to target them. There are some great online tools that can help you select great keywords that will bring loads of traffic to your blog or website.

Two of the top keyword tools that are free to use are Yahoo’s keyword tool and the Google Webmaster keyword tool. Google will give you the search volume for the keywords you type in. You will see how many actual people typed in that exact same keyword during the past 30 days.

AdCenter Labs is another top choice. This site has tools such as AdCenter Labs Keyword Forecast that is similar to Google Trends where you can drill down deeper on whatever terms you like, plus you can get the age and gender breakdowns of the people searching.

Wordtracker and Trellian are also keyword search tools that are very popular and highly effective. While these two are great, they do not tell you where the data comes from and how fresh it is.

Remember that the numbers you get when searching keywords are just guides. The search engines are changing all the time and so are the habits of searchers.

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