Search Engines show different link counts

One of the most common link building campaign questions is, “Why do some links count with some engines and not with others?”
First, for those that don’t know – you can find out how many link back counts your site has by simply going to the search engine and running this command in the search box: link: (replace mysitename with your actual domain name).
The reason some search engines show different counts is because they all read, crawl and class link back pages differently. You may find that MSN, Yahoo, Hotbot, Altavista counts a majority of your link backs, where as Google may only list a small percentage. At this time, Google only shows a sample group of the total links to you. Some time ago, it seemed as though they were only showing those backlinks which were a Google PR4 or higher (Page Rank) however, some believe this has changed and some lower PR’s are sometimes counted too.
When building your link back counts, site owners should know that Google chooses to show only a certain amount of your link backs, how Google chooses which to show/count is now a topic for debate.
It is also important to remember your link building strategy should not just be about numbers, you should try to get quality relevant link exchanges, 3-ways, 1-ways, ROS exchanges,certain key extensions link backs and add your site to important directories.

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