Searching for Alternatives

Website owners, webmasters, blog writers and social network users have all sorely lamented the recent loss of was basically a user interface that allowed individuals and businesses to post to multiple social networking sites simultaneously. This ability saved huge amounts of time for people posting and re-posting the same content to multiple sites. Best of all it was free. was acquired by Seesmic earlier this year and was officially terminated on July 5th, much to the chagrin and frustration of thousands upon thousand of users.

Seesmic offered it’s own microblog and social network interface so users could continue to post to some of the same services that did. Seesmic even gave users the option of using their free or paid accounts. The major difference between the two account types is that for the free account, the limitations are as follows: “In the Free plan, a user can post to 1 account each from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With the Free plan, a user cannot post to Facebook pages, to a Tumblr account, multiple accounts of the same service, or have RSS available.”.

Paid users can choose between the Plus and Pro plans. The Plus plan gives you up to 50 posts per day and 10 accounts for posting. The Pro plan has unlimited posts per day and accounts for posting.

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Many users are satisfied with the new features Seesmic offers while many others are searching for a replacement of the retired service. Check back for more information on viable alternatives.


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