Social Media Marketing and Online Advertising

Online advertising has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade with a variety of major developments along the way. The permanence of online advertising is quite evident and colleges and universities around the globe are now offering classes in this unique and ever-evolving area of the advertising industry. The growth and progression of online advertising is primarily being driven and shaped by emerging technologies and technical advances.

For example, the introduction of social networking to the general public through such social networking giants as MySpace, and later Facebook and Twitter has really drawn businesses and advertisers to the multimillion user networks. To be fair, online social networking has been around for awhile. Most people are familiar with online chats, blogs and user forums, which have been around for decades, provided a virtual place where individuals and businesses could communicate, share and collaborate on a variety of ideas.

With the current social networking platforms out there, which probably number in the hundreds, there is still a mostly untapped pool of consumers that retailers would like to have as their customers. Practically everywhere you look today, whether it is online, on television, on the radio or on print media billboards, you can see where social media marketing is being used. Most companies, at least those wise enough to capitalize on the social networking craze, have social networking pages where they can post specials or information to their followers and promote their brand.

The footprint that social networking and, as an extension, social media marketing has made on today’s society is phenomenal. Some companies have social networking pages on a variety of platforms so they can maximize the exposure of their postings. For businesses that have thus far eschewed online advertising, especially social media marketing, they are doing themselves and their customers a huge disservice. They are also providing their competitors with a great opportunity to surpass them in the online marketing arena.

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