Tips on Raising your Google Maps Rank Position

These days, for companies with aggressive online marketing campaigns, it’s not enough to have their companies appear on the top of the first page of Google search results. They also want to raise the Google maps rank position.


It’s important to improve local business by sustaining a presence in your community or neighborhood. This is because those who search in Google maps are usually those who find themselves near your area. So, the more your map appears in search results, the more likely people searching for something in or those curious about your neighborhood might find your shop’s or office’s location.


Go to Google maps and start with being very specific with the keywords, those related to the kind of services or products of your company. If your search brings out your company’s map near the top of the search results, that’s good.


If not, be sure to visit your Google Local Business Center and create an account. Sometimes, Google already lists your site in Google maps even if you haven’t created an account. However, SEO experts agree it’s better to have an account opened.


Once your Google map is up, it will probably take around 6 months to have it appear in the search results. Google does not officially acknowledge the fact that websites need to have time to ripen up before Google pays attention to it.


In the space of those months, try soliciting some customer satisfaction reviews for your listing. Both the official creation of your account and the accumulating customer reviews will positively affect your Google map rank position. Be sure to include these activities in your online advertising campaigns.


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