Use Twitter to Promote Your Site

Twitter can come in very handy if you have a website and online business. There are tens of thousands of Twitter users who have five thousand or more followers. These followers have volunteered to read the tweets of these people. Imagine if you had five thousand followers on Twitter. You could promote your website several times a day which would go far in getting you more traffic.

Naturally you cannot obtain that many followers overnight but you can gain followers by joining the site and then following other users. Most users will return the favor and follow you so if you spend some time each day to follow people you should see the number of followers you have rise quite quickly.

Once you start tweeting, be sure that your tweets are original and informative. Look for catchy phrases and intriguing things to say. Be sure to tweet using link shorteners to free up more characters for your tweets.

Make sure that your profile is creative and unique. You should be sure to individualize your Twitter page because it is a great branding tool. Customize the background and choose clever phrase or company motto to use on your profile that describes you and your business.

Finally, be social. People will be much more receptive to you when you are being social and friendly. Twitter is after all, a social network. Look for like-minded people and follow them and re-tweet other people’s tweets that would be of interest to your followers.

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