Using Bing for Online Advertising

Ever since Bing was unveiled in late May, 2009, it has steadily gained in popularity in the search engine market. Since its release it has become the 3rd largest search engine in the world. Google dominates over 85% of the search engine market, Yahoo has over 6% and Bing comes in at 3.5%. It did not take Bing very long to make a big impact online and it is estimated that it will only grow larger over the next few years to perhaps give both Yahoo and Google a run for their money.

Online businesses should definitely advertise on Bing to help increase the visibility of their domain. Bing is a promising new entrant into the search engine market and it is not yet saturated with site after site claiming to be the ‘best in the world’.

If you are into PPC advertising on Google you know how expensive that can be. But if you spread your budget around and advertise on Bing as well, you will be reaching more people.

Some of the largest companies in the world are advertising their products and services on Bing including Sprint, Toyota, Ebay and Snapple. If you listen to the radio a lot you surely have heard the ads being aired for Bing. Bing is up and coming and therefore it only makes sense to advertise there.

It also helps that all Windows 7 computers come with Bing installed as the default search engine.

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