Video Marketing on the Rise

Video marketing has been gaining more and more popularity and exposure online. No online advertising strategy is complete without including video marketing as a part of the overall marketing plan.

Research has shown that consumers and businesses have relatively short attention spans when shopping for products and services online. The main reason for this is because in today’s high speed, technologically-driven society, the average individual will only spend 3 to 5 seconds visiting a website that they intend to make a purchase from.

The speed at which information can be found these days is exponentially faster than any other time in history thanks to the internet. The key to finding useful information is to narrow down your search engine query by using certain keywords. Once potential customers find your site, you have precious little time to capture and retain their attention. Here’s where video advertising can potentially be more useful than textual content.

When people can watch a short video that provides them with the information they need, they will be far more likely to buy your products or utilize your services. Video marketing makes it easier for consumers to learn about your company and most people will prefer watching a video to reading through a bunch of text content.

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