What are Google Supplemental Results

The Google search engine will give better results if you have more links (internal links and links to other websites). This is because Google determines the popularity of the website on the basis of the number of other sites linked to a given web site. Google ranks several web pages from 0 to10. This is called Google PageRank or Google PR.

The higher the PageRank of a site linked to yours, the higher is the PageRank of your webpage, providing the link is from a related site to your service or industry. Having a one way link back is the best, this is where they link to you but you don’t link to them. Other link back methods include a 2 way link known as a reciprocal link, where you both site owners link to each other, and a 3 way link, where one site owner links from one site and you link from another to them but they are not direct link backs.

Backlinks are very effective when used with a keyword phrase rather than just linking the site domain. Google and other search engines take into consideration the relevance of your link backs and the amount of them for any given search that’s related to your services.

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