What The Experts Say About the Internet

More and more businesses are rushing to the internet to market their products and services. Marketing efforts that used to take ages to complete and cost thousands of dollars can now be done fast, inexpensively and virtually. Internet marketing is also easily scalable to reach a global audience or a regionally targeted niche market. Internet marketing truly knows no borders.

The popularity and applications of the internet grew at an amazing pace. There were approximately 25 five million internet users in 1994. It was estimated then that the number of commercial users online would reach 50 million by 1998 and those predictions were right on track. Now, according to InternetworldStats.com, the total number of global internet users is over 1.7 billion which is about 26% of the world population. The site states that the growth of internet users from 2000 to 2009 is 380%. For North America alone, about 74% of the population uses the internet.

For businesses around the globe, online marketing is a must. The sheer numbers of potential customers is staggering. The fact that you can put your products and services right in front of them with almost negligible cost is unbelievable. As the world becomes more technology driven, companies and public organizations have to get current with the times if they plan to stay in contact with their customers.

It is often not as easy as it sounds since the competition for online exposure is fierce. Rushing to begin an online business or marketing campaign is a bad idea. You should spend time doing the proper research and preparation for your online campaign. You should consult and/or hire a professional web designer and experienced online advertising consultant to help get you started. It will save you valuable time and money. You will need to learn how to manage programs, provide backup, and must know how to perform website management techniques.

The internet is the greatest invention of our lifetime and it provides marketers with a virtual gold mine. Never before in history has it been so easy to reach the masses. With just a click of the mouse, you can connect instantly to anyone on earth who has an internet connection.

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