Why Targeted Advertising is so Important to Internet Marketers

Everyone is sure to agree that the world wide web holds a great deal of promise for reaching potential customers far beyond what traditional advertising methods promise.

Researchers have found that geography has an impact on efforts to market on the web in ways that can help internet marketers target new customers. David R. Bell, Wharton marketing professor, is the co-author of one of the study reports.

Bell said that the research was designed to study the effect of economic geography on web-based marketers who are attempting to reach buyers of specialty products who reside in areas where their purchasing decisions make them a minority.

The results of the study showed that offline word of mouth advertising had an impact on web customers while online world of mouth on average is less effective. The study also found that young people living in areas populated by many elderly people would find less to buy in local stores because the store owners have to use most of their shelf space to meet the demands of the majority of their customers. These young people are therefore more apt to go online in order to find the products they want and need.

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