Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Version of Your Website

Having a mobile-friendly version of your website will greatly improve your chances of keeping the attention of your visitors that are using mobile devices. Due to the smaller screen and sometimes less agile navigation of mobile devices, making it easier for consumers to view and interact with your site. This should also be a part of your mobile media marketing strategy.

Having a mobile-friendly version of your website also provides you with an easy way to measure the number of mobile device users visit your site and to determine how to best convert their visits to sales. When users reach your mobile-friendly website, they immediately know that you are not only aware of the needs of today’s consumer marketplace but that you are also proactively meeting those needs.

Another perk of having a mobile-friendly version of your website is that visitors will spend more time on it than they would navigating around a full-size webpage. You may have experienced this inconvenience yourself while researching something or shopping online using your smartphone or tablet. You intend to just quickly find out the information you are seeking and ended up spending an inordinate amount of time and frustration trying to navigate to find what you are looking for.

Unless you have very nimble fingers, you will have probably “mis-clicked’ a link or something else on a non-mobile-friendly webage by accident at some time or another. Today’s consumers and business customers don’t need the added aggravation of navigating a full-size webpage on a 3″ or 10″ mobile device display. You have worked hard to get them to your site, the last thing you want to do is send them away in frustration. Instead, make it easy for consumers to buy your products and services by having a mobile-friendly version of your website. There are millions of mobile device users with thousands of new users going online every single day, be sure to get your share of them as new customers.

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