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7 out of 10 American household utilize their email address every day. Email has proven itself to be a one-to-one communication tool that facilitates interaction that lead to better customer service and sales.

dBase Media will help your business utilize this medium to retain customers and establish a two way dialogue with your customers. No other medium provides instantaneous contact, personalized relevancy and quantifiable results for your marketing budget. dBase Media provides powerful List Management tools for making your email database more productive.

Your business can benefit from customized solutions that includes:

List set up
Data Segmentation
Data Modeling
Database maintenance
Dynamic deployment
Triggered events
Real-time reporting
Referral Technology
Creative Production




EMail Marketing

Renting opt-in email lists is another way for you to pinpoint your marketing message to the right audience. Our Email List Brokerage division can help you find 3rd party opt-in email lists based on your marketing objective. Our seasoned experts will advise you on the best email list from among thousands available. Whether you need to target B2B, B2C or B2G, we will help you understand your options. Target by industry, occupation, lifestyle, geography, demographics, special interest, purchase intent and more. dBase Media understands that spam is a serious problem that exists in our medium and can help you protect your business from being associated with the pitfalls of this.

Let one of our media consultants advise you on how to implement an effective Email Marketing strategy that's effective for your business.

Contact us to learn more about Email Marketing for growing your business.


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