Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We have been a leader in social media marketing services since the inception.  We provide a comprehensive strategy to match your campaign objectives.

-Internal Strategy – business rules, KPI goals, policies, points of contact, customer engagement, work flow management, SEO benefits, frequency of posts, Reporting, Crisis Plan, Reputation Management

-On-Site Strategy – Blogs, links to FB, Twitter, Google, SEO centric for Content & Keywords, Video/Photo sharing, Portable content, Analytics

Review or set up owned SM Properties – gain followers/fans, grow accounts, Push content

Earned SM Practices – get mentions, likes, retweets, comments, shares, news media, bookmarks, engagements, target influencers

Paid SM Effort – FB ads, paid search, app integration, lead generation

Reporting – utilize real-time reporting to monitor, strategize, react, engage & track progress

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